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Flow-Line Shakers

The flow line shaker is the first line of defense in our solids control system. With minimal maintenance requirements, our shakers generate a motion that increases G-force and reduces solids conveyance friction. Because of this we have drier discards and are able to increase screen life.

Drying Shakers

Drying Shakers are the secondary line of defense. Drying shakers allow for the enhancement of dryer solids and cleaner reclaimed fluid. The effluent is collected in a holding tank and is pumped either back into the rigs active system or to the centrifuge. Our shakers feature a hook strap screen system that allows for the use of inexpensive hoop strip screens. The screens are available in various styles and mesh sizes to accommodate most any application.

The dual vibrating motors require minimal maintenance and have no belts or gears to maintain.

The shaker basket deck angle can be easily adjusted during operation. A rugged jackscrew is used to adjust the screen angle from minus 1° to plus 5°.