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DES has four models of high speed, horizontal decanting, two phase centrifuges that separate out solids and allow fluids to be recovered. Our centrifuges have modifications that improve the performance of the unit and cut down on maintenance required, allowing for increased run time.

The three main components of the machine are the skid, the stainless steel case, and the rotating assembly consisting of bowl and auger. The case gathers the separated materials in two chambers for re-use and disposal. The bowl and auger spin at slightly different speeds in the same direction. Bowl speed can vary depending on the application and operating conditions.

While the machine is in operation, feed slurry enters into the feed chamber of the auger. The slurry hits an accelerator plate and is pushed into the bowl. Centrifugal force causes heavier solids to accumulate inside the bowl while the auger continuously drags them up the taper end of the bowl and out of the solids discharge ports. Finer solids, which are retained in the liquid inside the machine, are continuously removed as they accumulate inside the bowl. These finer solids are ultimately augured along the pool, up the taper, and out the solids discharge ports. Clean fluids travel towards the fluid end of the bowl. They then exit through adjustable eccentric ports and are either recycled back into the operation system or re-directed to another location for storage or removal.

Centrifuge Sizes

DES-1850 – 50hp, capable of processing up to 250 gallons per minute, bowl size of 18”X50”
DES-3400 – 40hp, capable of processing up to 250 gallons per minute, bowl size of 14”X48”
DES-5800 – 75hp, capable of processing up to 450 gallons per minute, bowl size of 16.5”X55.5”
DES-7800 – 125hp, capable of processing up to 600 gallons per minute, bowl size of 20”X70”

All machines are VFD controlled. The 3400, 5800, and 7800 models are all bearing machines, which allows for higher operating RPMs and generates more G-force.