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Closed Loop Systems

Our closed loop systems provide high quality equipment and industry leading service that DES has become known for. Our systems include centrifuges, flow line shakers, drying shakers, mud conditioners, cuttings tanks, and all support equipment necessary. This equipment is delivered, erected, and operated by our highly trained personnel. Our goal is to provide our customer with the most efficient closed loop system and a focus on safety that is second to none in the industry.

A properly designed and operated closed loop system allows for only cuttings to be disposed of and minimizes the liquids in those cuttings being hauled to disposal. As a result, cleaner drilling fluids are reintroduced back into the mud system allowing for reduced product usage and cost to the operator. Our closed loop systems are also designed to remove low gravity solids. Keeping low gravity solids to a minimum is essential for achieving the following: optimal rates of penetration while drilling, lower maintenance costs on drilling equipment, increased drill bit life, maintaining proper drilling fluid properties. DES can also coordinate all solid and liquid waste transportation and disposal.

A DES designed closed loop system will assist the operator in reducing their drilling costs, disposal expenses, and will allow for superior performance of their equipment. DES is committed to providing our customers with closed loop systems that exceed expectations of performance and cost effectiveness.